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Cools Technologies has been established with the purpose of assisting major Indonesian companies to improve the management of their facilities and infrastructure. We can bank on the long time experience of Archibus USA ?the developer of the software, and worldwide partners for the implementation and training of your personnel at your premises.

If you are in a position to make decisions about real estate, facilities and their related infrastructure, or physical assets such as furniture and equipment, then you have the ability to profoundly improve your organization's bottom line.

Facilities and infrastructure assets are a significant investment. On average, they comprise over 35% of an organization's total assets.

There is a tremendous opportunity to reduce capital expenditures by reallocating assets and extending their useful lives.

Don't underestimate the ongoing costs. Across a variety of sectors, it costs approximately $16 Million dollars (US) per year to maintain an average large facility.

Increasing your operational efficiency can significantly reduce the costs associated with maintaining your facilities and infrastructure.

A survey of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) reveals that many organizations are unsatisfied with their current physical asset management capabilities. The vast majority of these CFOs admit they could benefit from enhanced asset tracking and utilization, more accurate maintenance reports, and the ability to maximize the useful life of assets through redeployment.

A comprehensive and integrated approach to facilities and infrastructure management can significantly improve physical asset utilization and operational efficiency, resulting in increased stakeholder value.

Cools Technologies is available to give presentations to the decision makers in your organization at your office or any other place you would prefer. Please feel free to contact us.

Are you managing your facilities and infrastructure to their greatest potential?

The #1 Solution in the World for Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management


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