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ARCHIBUS is the #1 provider of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management solutions in the world, with annual expenditures for ARCHIBUS-related products and services exceeding $1.5 Billion (US). With ARCHIBUS, organizations can use a single, comprehensive, integrated solution to make informed strategic decisions that optimize Return On Investment (ROI), lower asset life-cycle costs, and increase enterprise-wide productivity and profitability. Client organizations are reducing their real estate, infrastructure and facilities-related costs by as much as 34%.

Today, more than 3,000,000 ARCHIBUS users collectively manage over 4 Million properties around the globe. Available in over 130 countries and more than two dozen languages, ARCHIBUS is supported through a global network of over 1,600 corporate real estate, information technology, infrastructure, and facilities management professionals.


  • 3,000,000 Enterprise and Web users
  • 16,000+ client sites
  • 4 Million+ properties managed by users
  • 16 Billion+ square feet managed by users
  • 250,000+ new users expected in the next year
  • 25+ years of industry experience
  • 1,600+ ARCHIBUSM trained specialists
  • 24+ language options

Deployed in over 130 countries around the world; property portfolios managed with ARCHIBUS range from 1,500 - 573 million sq. ft.


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