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Productivity tool solutions:
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Assign Employees to Rooms from within Overlay 1.0 Assign Employees to Rooms from within Overlay
Contiguous Vacant Space 1.0 Easy way to find Contiguous blocks of Vacant Space
Cross Campus Query - 3D Stack Diagram of Multiple Buildings 1.0 3D Stack Diagram of multiple buildings on your site plan showing Room highlights of queries you create.
EZ-Hatch 8.0 EZ-Hatch lets you automate the creation of highlighted facilities drawings. Voted 2005 ADN Product of the Year, EZ-Hatch was designed for everyday users.
EZ-Pattern 3.0 EZ-Pattern automatically creates and assigns hatch patterns to any ARCHIBUS table that contains the Hatch Pattern - ACAD field, including custom tables.
FireWise 3.0 Make creation and maintenance of fire and evacuation plans a breeze with FireWise.
Manage Room Percentages from Within Overlay 1.4 Manage Room Percentages from Within Overlay
Oracle Toolkit for ARCHIBUS/FM 1.7 Adds several Database Administrator (DBA) and end-user features to the core system
VSSI Tools 1 - Polyline Maintenance 12.0 Tools for fixing plines, generating plines at center of walls, correcting xdata case, etc
VSSI Tools 2 - Easimap Integration tools 1.0 These tools provide an easy means of converting Easimap equipment symbols to ARCHIBUS/FM, creating Equipment Standards, and adding the new equipment to the Equipment table
VSSI Tools 3 - Electric/Telecom Panel Schedule Generator 1.0 Generate Electric/Telecom panel schedule with port data in Overlay by selecting panel asset
VSSI Tools 4 - Overlay Productivity Tools 1.0 Automatic Infer of assets; Automatic trim of pline assets; display RSF of newly modified room asset; check Xdata of room for valid data, show list of room occupants; etc
VSSI Tools 5 - Highlight Rooms by Move Order and Display Names 1.0 Highlight Rooms by Move Order and display names, indicating both FROM & TO.
VSSI Tools 6 - Layer Swap Routine 1.0 Layer Swap Routine for Overlay. Requires old & new list. This will convert all objects (and sub-entities within blocks) to the new layers
VSSI Tools 7 - Stack Diagram for Overlay 1.1 Generates a center justified stack of a single building with the VERT & SERV centered. And more...
VSSI Tools 8 - Data conversion Tools for Overlay 1.0 Data conversion Tools for Overlay. Convert furniture blocks into FNSTD assets and updates the Furniture Standard table using the layer and block name information.
VSSI Tools 9 - Overlay Tools for Generating Room Numbers 1.0 Overlay tools for generating room numbers based on a predrawn grid or predefined spacing.
VSSI Tools ALL - Polylines, Stack, Panel, etc 1.0 Complete package of all VSSI Tools 1-9


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